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Cultural Bridge Builder 

Building bridges to strengthen culture begins with unconditional positive regard for others. Organizationally, it is a place where members can raise concerns and receive swift and just resolution to their disputes without fear of reprisal. 

How sustainable is your organizational culture?

Is it prepared for tomorrow?

Are you sure?

Rachel V Perry is a "Cultural Bridge Builder". She seeks to diversify Hampton Roads culture. As a community volunteer, she serves citizen stakeholders through inclusive initiatives, social responsibility, and promoting wellness. 

Ms. Perry is a U.S. Army Military Police veteran and recognized expert on equality in employment, diversity, and conflict resolution. She has served in several state, federal, and private-sector leadership roles for nearly three decades. Her employment background includes Corporate positions at Boars Head and the Computer Sciences Corporation, Headquarter roles at the Peace Corps, U.S. Homeland Security, and the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA). Her state-level civil service includes contributions to three governorships in Ohio and Virginia. Ms. Perry advocates independently for the socio-economically disadvantaged and underserved.

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